Specialized Markets for your Specific Needs

Each of these journals is a regular publication for a specialized group or board. Whether it’s one of the medical market, the realty business, the dental industry, or financial matters, you’re sure to find something that will elevate your brand, increase your sales, and strengthen and elevate your brand.

Salt Lake Realtor®

With an issue every month, Salt Lake REALTOR® is among the finest advertising methods available for realtors, mortgage companies, and more. Reach Salt Lake City’s very own members of the Salt Lake Board of Realtors® and gain exposure to a niche market that grows every year.

Utah Dental Association

UDAction is the official magazine of the Utah Dental Association, and with your ad nestled between official reports and updates, your brand will receive industry-grade exposure. An ad in this bimonthly magazine is an ad shared with dental professionals across the state of Utah.

Utah Physician

As the premier trade journal for physicians and medical professionals in Utah, Utah Physician provides the perfect advertising opportunity for those looking to reach the medical market. Your ad will be included among well-read articles from the Utah Medical Association, adding legitimacy to your brand.


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