Be the Distraction during downtimes in UtahAs a publisher of programs, playbills, and professional Journals for UtahYou had to be there, Mills Publishing gets your message a front row seat for nearly every major event in townTarget by trade, professional journals represent one of the most targeted advertising opportunities available

Discover the power of targeted print advertising in today's tech-driven world.

We provide advertising opportunities for businesses and marketing professionals through the medium of performing arts playbills, university sports programs, professional journals and periodicals throughout Utah.

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Playbills & Arts Programs
Cover images for our playbill advertising opportunities

We provide playbills for the most respected arts organizations in Utah.

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University Athletic Programs
Covers for our university sports advertising opportunities
Our game programs put your business in front of a captive audience of enthusiastic fans – including alumni and donor club members. Learn More
Professional Journals
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Our professional publications give your business access to established niche audiences, including members of the Utah Dental Association, Utah Medical Association, National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, and the Salt Lake Board of Realtors. Learn More
Outdoor Sports Guide
Cover images for our playbill advertising opportunities
Endurance sports and outdoor recreation collide in Outdoor Sports Guide, the best free publication for active individuals in the Utah and the Mountain West. Learn More