Utah Shakespeare Festival

The Shakespeare Festival brings together a regional, educated audience and performers from around the world. This playbill is a true keepsake—ensuring that your ad will live on beyond the stage.

Utah Shakespeare Festival 2020–21 Season Information

Dates are subject to change. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The 2021 season at the Utah Shakespeare will be like no other in their history. Celebrating their sixtieth year and dedicating this season to their founder, Fred C. Adams. The 2021 season includes eight productions running June 21–October 9, 80,000 copies of the playbill will be distributed to patrons at over 200 performances, with a readership of over 130,000 ticket holders.

Advertising Information
File Ready Deadline: May 25, 2021
Circulation: 80,000
Utah Shakespeare Festival #1


June 21–September 9, 2021
Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre

Pursued by an evil king, Pericles sets sail on an odyssey of romance and spectacle. But dangers face him on every seashore as he drifts from country to country, from year to year, from intrigue to intrigue. His loves die. His friends deceive him. The gods are against him. But, in true storybook fashion, those who were lost are miraculously found, strange events reunite loved ones, and mysterious dreams bring family back together again, at last bringing joy and safe harbor to all.

Utah Shakespeare Festival #2

Richard III

June 22–September 10, 2021
Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre

King Richard, “that foul bunch-back’d toad,” has manipulated his way to the English throne by exploiting (or murdering) everyone in his path. Yet the ambitious son of York finds his wit and enigmatic charm are not enough to survive in the twisted world he has created. He now must face his own destiny in this haunting tale of the feats—and failures—of kings. Shakespeare’s darkest history is a mesmerizing chronicle of a megalomaniac’s rampage to the throne and remains an irresistible study of villainy in a character to whom we are irresistibly drawn.

Utah Shakespeare Festival #3

The Comedy of Errors

June 23–September 11, 2021
Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre

Twins Antipholus and Dromio are bewildered. Everywhere they go, they seem to have already been there, and everyone they meet seems to know all about them. The more they try to unravel the lunatic events around them, the more farcical their lives become. It’s double the laughter and twice the fun in Shakespeare’s youthful comedy of mistaken identities. Leave logic behind and delight in the confusion of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy, where servants misplace their masters, wives overlook their husbands, and everyone is pretty sure everyone else is completely insane.

Utah Shakespeare Festival #4

The Pirates of Penzance

June 25–October 9, 2021
Randall L. Jones Theatre

A shipload of sentimental pirates. A bevy of giggling maidens. A band of bumbling policemen. And a British officer given to hyperbole and patter, i.e. “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General.” All these and more bring fun and sparkle to one of the most charmingly silly operettas ever to grace the stage. Frederic, our hero, is governed by duty and forced to abandon his new-found love, Mable, and join the pirate trade. Alas and alack! Must he truly lose Mabel, or can he find a way out of this frivolous conundrum?

Utah Shakespeare Festival #5


June 26–September 11, 2021
Randall L. Jones Theatre

The story of a wealthy white couple, a Jewish immigrant father and daughter, and an African-American ragtime musician whose lives intertwine and sometimes collide as they seek the American dream at the volatile turn of the twentieth century. This stirring musical epic captures the beats of a nation: the conflict, the hope and despair, the search for justice, and—of course—the ragtime.

Utah Shakespeare Festival #6

The Comedy of Terrors

July 29–September 11, 2021
Randall L. Jones Theatre

Features two twin sisters, two twin brothers, and a third brother thrown in just for kicks. It sounds like a familiar Shakespearean comedy, but this spooky and madcap farce revs up the action even further as two actors play all five characters: a police officer, a confused thespian, her twin sister-gone-bad, a conniving charity worker, and his bumbling twin brother.

Utah Shakespeare Festival #7


July 16–October 9, 2021
Eileen and Allen Anes Studio Theatre

A rarely performed play of intrigue and deception in the face of steely resolve, Cymbeline contains some of the Bard’s most wonderous language, leading us through wild plot twists, mistaken identities and a heart-rending quest for love. When Imogen’s father wrongfully banishes her soul-mate, the princess must embark on a near mythic quest to prove her fidelity, escape her stepmother’s dastardly plot, and reclaim her love. In this fantastical work from the zenith of Shakespeare’s talent, the improbable becomes probable as kind strangers, dastardly villains, ghosts, gods, and long-lost princes pave the road to Happily Ever After.

Utah Shakespeare Festival #8

Intimate Apparel

July 17–October 9, 2021
Eileen and Allen Anes Studio Theatre

Esther is a single African-American woman in early 1900s Manhattan who has sewn her way out of poverty stitch by stitch, creating fine lingerie for her wealthy clientele. But she is alone and cautiously exchanging love letters with a Panama Canal laborer on his way to New York, despite mutual tender affections with her Jewish cloth merchant. This warm, heart-rending play gently weaves an intricate tapestry of our need for intimacy while exploring social divisions of race, religion, equality, and class.


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